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J. L. Moseley Company Office Building
100 West Villa Street, Pasadena, CA.

5,200 square foot commercial office building tenant improvement using LEED guilelines for materials & methods.

  • Platinum LEED level facility*
  • 10.5 Kw roof mounted photovoltaic system
  • Use of building materials with high post consumer and post industrial recycled content
  • Integrated use of stainless steel mesh and structural steel framework to create innovative sunshade on south facing elevation
  • White cool roof system
  • Use of large glass sectional overhead doors to tie exterior decks to building interior
  • Use of low consumption toilets and lavatory faucets along with waterless urinal
  • Natural light introduced to interior offices through Solatubes equipped with electronic controlled dampeners
  • Use of energy star equipped appliances
  • Cork floor covering used throughout 80% of the building
  • Use of drought tolerant plants and low volume irrigation system
  • Large capacity water detention system used to divert 50% of roof run-off back into water table through percolation


*As determined by the certified LEED consultant. Owner elected not to perform the commissioning process.